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N. Jeevanjee, Vertical Velocity in the Gray Zone, JAMES   [PDF] [animation]

N. Jeevanjee, P. Hassanzadeh, S. Hill, and A. Sheshadri, A Perspective on Climate Model Hierarchies, JAMES   [PDF]


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D.M. Romps and N. Jeevanjee, On the Sizes and Lifetimes of Cold Pools, QJRMS   [PDF] [description]


N. Jeevanjee and D.M. Romps, Effective Buoyancy, Inertial Pressure, and the Mechanical Generation of Boundary Layer Mass Flux by Cold Pools, JAS   [PDF]

N. Jeevanjee, An Introduction to Tensors and Group Theory for Physicists, 2nd ed., Birkhauser, 305 pp.
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N. Jeevanjee and D.M. Romps, Convective Self-aggregation, Cold Pools, and Domain Size, GRL   [PDF]